Study on the Characteristics of Erosion-Corrosion for Heat Exchanger of Shell and Tube Type(I)

원통다관형 열교환기의 침식-부식 특성에 관한 연구 (I)

  • Published : 1999.05.01


In the case that erosion and corrosion occurs in machinery and structure at the same time, the synergy effect by erosion-corrosion affects fatal effect to durability of machinery and structure. Therefore, in machinery and structure which use corrosion liquid, the study of the synergy effect of erosion-corrosion which affects metal material is requested. In this paper. the flow corrosion experiment about the effect of temperature change and liquid velocity change in sea water was carried out to study the characteristics of erosion-corrosion for tube material Cu heat exchanger The main results obtained are as follows. (1) Damage appearance of tube outside by erosion-corrosion becomes dull because electrode potentials of Cu tube is higher than electrode potential of STPG38 shell. (2) In the cooling system by sea water, the weight loss rate of Cu at tube outside liquid temperature of $70^{\circ}C$ is higher than that of temperature of $20^{\circ}C$. (3) In cooling system by sea water, the weight loss rate of Cu at liquid velocity of 5.1m/s is higher than that of velocity of 1.47m/s. But as the testing time passed, the weight loss rate of Cu at velocity of 5.1m/s is almost steady and becomes dull at velocity of 1.47m/s.