Seasonal Variations in Species Composition and Abundance of Fishes Collected by an Otter Trawl in Nakdong River Estuary

낙동강 하구해역에서 저인망에 의해 어획되는 어류의 종조성 및 계절 변동

  • Published : 1999.05.01


The species composition and seasonal variation in abundance of fishes in the Nakdong River estuary were investigated monthly from February 1987 to January 1988. During the study period, 23,008 specimens belonging to 100 species were collected. The most abundant fish species were Repomucenus valenciennei, Pholis fangi, Leiognathus nuchalis, Trachurus japonicus, and Sardinella zunasi. These five species comprised 63.0% of total fishes and 47.8% of total biomass collected. The seasonal dominant fish species were P. fangi and R. valenciennei in spring, R. valenciennei and Cynoglossus joyneri in summer, Thryssa kammalensis and Apogon lineatus in fall, and R. valenciennei, L. nuchalis and S. zunasi in winter. The number of fish species, number of individuals collected, and species diversity indices fluctuated with the seasons. The number of species and number of individuals decreased significantly in the upper estuary. While temperature was an important factor which influenced on seasonal fluctuation of the fish community, salinity determined the spatial distribution of fishes.