Distribution of Fish by Echo Sounder and Environment of Oceanography in Southern Sea of Korea

어군 탐지기를 이용한 남해연안의 어자원 분포현황과 해양환경구조

  • Published : 1999.05.01


In order to research the relationship between distribution of fish and the ocean environment in Southern Sea of Korea, echo survey and oceanographic observation were carried out from July 27 to 31 in 1998. The DSL(Depth Scattering Layer) and high density of fishes were appeared in northeastern Cheju Island and offshore of Karnak bay by color echo sounder. The relative Sa(area backscattering coefficient) in offshore of Karnak bay was 5,500 at 28KHz, 12,500 at 200KHz and Northeastern Cheju Island was 6,000 at 28KHz, 20,000 at 200KHz. During the acoustic survey period, Ocean environment of high density of fishes area were as the follows. The surface Northeastern Cheju Island were ranged 20~$26.5^{\circ}C,\;31.5~32.5\perthousand$ and that bottom were ranged 16~$20^{\circ}C,\;35.4~34\perthousand$. The shallow water area in offshore of Karnak bay were ranged 24~$26.5^{\circ}C,\;30.0~31.5\perthousand$