The Hearing Ability of the Scorpion Fish Sebastiscus marmoratus to Audible Sound 1. The Auditory Threshold

수중 가청음에 의한 쏨뱅이의 청각 능력 1. 청각 문턱치

  • Published : 1999.05.01


This experiment was carried out to investigate the auditory threshold of the scorpion fish Sebastiscus marmoratus which was suitable for Marine ranching by a classical respiatory conditioning technique using a sound coupled with a delayed electric shock. The thresholds were determined by analyzing the electrocardiogram. The auditory thresholds were observed among the 12 fish with much difference from 100Hz to 300Hz. The audible range of the scorpion fish extended from 80 to 800Hz with a peak sensitivity of 90㏈(0㏈= $1\mu$Pa) at 100Hz. As the frequency became higher than 300Hz, the auditory threshold increased rapidly. The scorpion fish was least sensitive to sound of 500Hz among 6 frequency points and the value was about 12㏈.