The Stability Analysis of the 8 Ton Class Fishing Vessel in Seaway

파랑중 8톤급 어선의 복원력 분석

  • Published : 1999.05.01


In this study, the stability analysis of a fishing vessel in a seaway was done. The stability analysis is an important item in the ship design, and so the ship registers of each nation constrain the ships to be followed the stability criterion. Stability variation, exciting forces due to wave and wind, and the broaching phenomena cause the capsizing of a ship. In this study, the stability analysis to study of the capsizing of a fishing vessel was performed. The relation between the speed of the ship and the wave length, that makes the encountering frequency vanish, was obtained. It was found that the encountering frequency tend to be zero when the wave whose length and direction are similar to those of ship. In this case, the possibility of dangerous situation becomes high. The calculated restoring arm becomes small when the ship is located near the wave crest. In general, the selected small fishing vessel is better than the large ship with respect to the stability, however the wave height becomes relatively high because of her small length Kim(l994) calculated the stability variation of the large cargo ship, the results of which showed the changes in stability great. But in the selected small fishing vessel in this study, the changes was small in comparison with the larger ship. This reason seems to be the shape of her midship section. In large cargo ships, the block coefficient is large, but that of the fishing vessel is relatively small and the small fishing vessel has chine, therefore the center of buoyancy moves much when the ship is inclined. It is desirable that the dynamic stability analysis for a fishing vessel, whose speed and direction are similar to those of waves, shall be done in the near future.