A Study on the Telemetry System for the Inhabitant Environment and Distribution of Fish-III -Oxygen, pH, Turbidity and Distribution of Fishes-

어류의 서식환경과 분포생태의 원격계측에 관한 연구 -III -$용존산\cdot$pH 및 독도와 어류의 분포생태-

  • Published : 1999.05.01


The telemetry system for the oxygen, pH, turbidity and the distribution ecology of fishes was constructed by the authors in order to product and manage effectively in shallow sea culture and setnets fisheries, and then the experiments for the telemetry system carried out at the culturing fishing ground in coast of Sanyang-Myon, Kyoungsangnam-Do and the set net fishing ground located Nungpo bay in Kojedo province respectively from October, 1997 to June 1998.As those results, the techniques suggested in the telemetry system for which find out the relationship between the physical and chemical environment in the sea and the distribution ecology of fishes gave full display its function, and its system could be operated as real time system. This research can also provide base-line data to develope a hybrid system unifying the marine environment information and the fisheries resources information in order to manage effectively coastal fishing ground.