A Study on the Telemetry System for the Inhabitant Environment and Distribution of Fish-II -Current Direction, Velocity, Sea Ambient Noise and Distribution of Fishes-

어류의 서식환경과 분포생태의 원격계측에 관한 연구 - II -유향, 유속 및 환경소음과 어류의 분포생태-

  • Published : 1999.05.01


The telemetry system for the current speed and direction, the underwater ambient noise and the distribution ecology of fishes was constructed by the author and his collaborator in order to product and manage effectively in shallow sea culture and setnets fisheries, and then the experiments for the telemetry system carried out at set net fishing ground located Nungpobay in Kojedo from October 1996 to June 1997. As this results, the techniques suggested in the telemetry system gave full display its function even though far away 1.5 km from transmitting part, but with the suggested telemetry system could not be ascertained relationship between physical environment and distribution ecology of fishes.