Functional Expression of Lutropin/Choriogonadotropin and Follitropin Receptor cDNAs in 293 Cells

융모성 성선자극 호르몬 및 난포 자극호르몬 수용체의 293세포에서 기능적으로 발현

  • Min, K.S. (Breeding and Reproduction Division, National Livestock Research Institute)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


This cDNAs were cloned with the aid of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) by sequences based on cloned rat LH/CG and FSH receptor cDNAs. A cDNAs of LHR and FSHR were transfected into the 293 cells. Several clonal cell lines were obtained expressing different numbers of cell surface receptors. One cell lines for each LHR and FSHR were chosen, and a corresponding cell lines expressing the wild type LHR and FSHR were selected based on the number of cell surface receptor for the particular LHR and FSHR. The abilities of the LHR and FSHR to transduce the hCG and FSH signals were measured by quantitating cAMP accumulation in cells incubated with increasing concentrations of hCG and FSH. The cAMP accumulation effects for these receptors were increased by the increasing concentrations of hCG and FSH. Thus, most of the receptors expressed in cells transfected with LHR and FSHR could be detected by measuring hormone binding and cAMP response, and can utilize to study the structure function and signal transduction of the choriogonadotropins and glycoprotein hormones.