Safety Assessment of Human Body for the Electromagnetic Field of Unbalanced Power System

불평형 계통에서의 전자계에 대한 인체안전평가

  • 김상철 ;
  • 송현선 ;
  • 김두현
  • Published : 1999.09.01


This paper presents a study on the safety assessment of human body for electromagnetic field at unbalanced power system. The 3-phase load flow algorithm uses Newton-Raphson method based on Taylor series expansion of power flow equations in rectangular coordinates. The use of such a method can result in a solution with good convergence characteristics. In the safety assessment of human body, the approach based on fuzzy linguistic variable is employed to overcome the shortcomings resulting from a crisp set concept. The suggested scheme is applied to a 24bus system to validate the usefulness. The results for an unbalanced power system are compared with the results for a balanced power system.