Analysis of the Pressure Behavior with the Partial Rupture in Closed Vessel During Gaseous Explosion

밀폐공간에서 가스폭발에 의한 개구발생 후의 압력변화에 대한 해석

  • 윤재건 ;
  • 조한창 ;
  • 신현동
  • Published : 1999.09.01


A numerical study on gaseous explosion was carried out to predict the transient pressure behavior with the partial rupture in confined vessels. Equations, assumptions and solutions for central ignition of premixed gases in closed spherical vessels are proposed with various equivalence ratios of gas fuel, as $CH_4$ and $C_3H_8$, vent areas and vent opening pressures. Given vent opening pressure in a vessel, the magnitude of second peak pressure results from the vent areas and burning velocity, varied by equivalence ratio of gas fuel. In a living room of an apartment, the higher second peak pressure than the vent pressure is not appeared due to its large window areas. As vent opening pressure is higher, the larger damage by gaseous explosion is expected and the larger vent area is necessary for relieving the damage. In the same concentration, the gaseous explosion by propane rather than methane shows the larger damage due to its higher adiabatic flame temperature and equivalence ratio.