Development of Safety Management Software Related to the Safety Level of Small & Medium Size Construction Sites

중소규모 건설현장의 안전수준을 고려한 안전관리 프로그램의 개발

  • 안홍섭 ;
  • 이재용 ;
  • 장명훈 ;
  • 최순주 ;
  • 고성석
  • Published : 1999.06.01


In these days, large construction companies computerize safety management function and use softwares but small and medium ones do not have any or little in Korea, although it is much mote necessary for the latter having high accident ratios than for the former to make efforts to develop computerized safety management tools. That is, a reason why no safety management program has been developed and construction accident are required to be reduced outstandingly, computerized safety management systems are much needed to be developed. Thus, safety management software named SAFETY PLUS has been developed in this research that has 4 management scopes classified by the size of construction project. The utilization of SAFETY PLUS will be able to increase both effectiveness and efficiency of safety management efforts and result in drastic decrease of construction accidents.