The Development of Risk Assessment Program PML-Chem

위험성 평가 프로그램 PML-Chem 개발

  • 김윤화 ;
  • 김형석 ;
  • 신동일 ;
  • 김인원 ;
  • 고재욱
  • Published : 1999.06.01


This study is to develope the quantitative risk assessment program for consequence analysis of fire and explosion (PML-Chem), which is applicable to the chemical plants. The advantages of PML-Chem is easy to use and acquire results. Especially, PML-Chem was embedded real weather condition database for major chemical plants in ${\bigcirc}{\bigcirc}$ complex in country. Also, reliability of PML-Chem was verified through comparing PML-Chem with PHAST-Professional which is already commercial.