Voltage Control and Security Assessment of Power System Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming

혼합정수 선형계획법을 이용한 계통의 전압제어 및 안전도 평가

  • 김두현 ;
  • 김상철
  • Published : 1999.06.01


In this paper, a mixed-integer programming approach is presented for adjusting the voltage profiles in a power system. The advent of large-scaled system makes the reactive power and voltage problem-an attempt to achieve an overall improvement of system security, service quality and economy-more complex and seriously, Although the problem is originally a nonlinear optimization problem, it can be formulated as a mixed integer linear programming(MILP) problem without deteriorating of solution accuracy to a certain extent. The MILP code is developed by the branch and bound process search for the optimal solution. The variable for modeling transformer tap positions is handled as discrete one, and other variables continuous ones. Numerical data resulting from case study using a modified IEEE 30 bus system with outaged line show that the MILP can produce more reductions of magnitude in the operating cost. The convergence characteristics of the results are also presented and discussed.