The Intensification of the Environmental Education in Physical Education

체육과에서의 환경교육 강화 방안

  • Published : 1999.07.01


Recently, the interest in artificial environment made by mankind as well as natural environment has been increased. This interest in the environment began to be reflected in the physical education, which environmental problems affect modern people's living quality as a crucial factor affecting directly or indirectly our life. Furthermore, since we entered the era of mass sports the physical education subject has dealt with destruction of natural environment by constructing golf courses, ski slopes, etc., destruction of ecosystem by water sports, mountaineering sports, aero sports, etc., and noise pollution near the sport facilities. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine the means to reinforce environmental education in many ways in the physical education concerning environmental problems. For this purpose this paper analyzed the contents of the 7th curriculum for physical education which can be thought to be teaching materials for environmental education, and described the contents in detail. Also, this paper established the orientation and goals of environmental education in the physical education subject and examined some important teaching and learning methods. In addition, this paper suggested some considerations concerning environmental education and a textbook model for the development of physical education textbooks connecting with the 7th curriculum for physical education, which is to suggest a means to connect physical education with environmental education smoothly. The physical education has an attribute that its activities like swimming, climbing mountains, and camping are performed outdoor. The physical activities in the physical education are, of course, performed in the environment, so we had better implement the environmental education including such physical activities at the same time with physical education. Also, there should be efforts so that the education through environment, the education about environment, and the education in the environment can be implemented along with the physical education.