A Study on the Characteristics of the interface in Tube / Tubesheet of the Nuclear Steam Generator by Explosive Bonding

폭발접합된 원자력 증기발생기 튜브/튜브시트 계면 특성에 관한 연구

  • 이병일 ;
  • 공창식 ;
  • 심상한 ;
  • 강정윤 ;
  • 이상래
  • Published : 1999.12.01


This study deals with interface charactristics of tube and tubesheet of the nuclear steam generator by the explosive expansion in order to take advantage of optimum expansion ratio, pull-out strength and leakage tightness and improvement of the resisitance on the stress corrosion cracking for low residual stress. The paper also show the relationship between roll, hydraulic and explosive expansion. The results obtain are as follows (1) Because of the explosive bonding is to use the high speed pressure and energy by the explosive, workability is good, bonding region is homogenous (2) Expansion ratio is 2.7%, Pull-out strength 850kg, Leakage strength $500kg/cm^2$. Clearance gap is 10~30mm in case of explosive expansion and interface structure of the tube and tubesheet is optimum condition. (3) As the transition region of the explosive expansion is inactive, the resistance of the stress corrosion cracking is increases 30~40% compare to the roll and hydraulic expansion.


Explosive Bonding;RDX;Detonation Cord;sheath;Expansion Ratio;leakage Tightness;Stress Corrosion Cracking;Residual Stress;Free Expansion Rate