An Epithermal Neutron Beam Design for BNCT Using $^2H(d,n)^3He$ Reaction

  • Published : 1999.10.01


A feasibility study was performed to design an epithermal neutron beam for BNCT using the neutron of 2.45 MeV on the average produced from $^2H(d,n)^3$He reaction induced by plasma focus in the z-pinch instead of the conventional accelerator-based $^3H(d, n)^4$He neutron generator. Flux and spectrum were analyzed to use these neutrons as the neutron source for BNCT. Neutronic characteristics of several candidate materials in this neutron source were investigated Using MCNP Code, and $^7LiF$ ; 40%Al + 60%$AIF_3$, and Pb Were determined as moderator, filter, and reflector in an epithermal neutron beam design for BNCT, respectively. The skin-skull-brain ellipsoidal phantom, which consists of homogeneous regions of skin-, bone-, or brain-equivalent material, was used in order to assess the dosimetric effect in brain. An epithermal neutron beam design for BNCT was proposed by the repeated work with MCNP runs, and the dosimetric properties (AD, AR, ADDR, and Dose Components) calculated within the phantom showed that the neutron beam designed in this work is effective in tumor therapy. If the neutron source flux is high enough using the z-pinch plasma, BNCT using the neutron source produced from $^2H(d,n)^3$He reaction will be very feasible.


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