Development of the Pilot System for Radioactive Laundry Waste Treatment Using UV Photo-Oxidation Process and Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Published : 1999.10.01


The pilot system for radioactive liquid laundry waste was developed with treatment capacity, 1ton/hr and set up in the Yong Kwang unit #4. The system is composed of tank module, RO systems and a UV/$H_2O$$_2$photo-oxidation unit. The RO system consists of the BW unit (low-pressure RO for brackish water desalination) and the SW unit (high-pressure RO for seawater desalination). The BW unit possesses 4 RO membranes and it can reduce the feed water volume down to 1/10. This concentrated feed water can be reduced again up to 1/10 in its volume in the SW unit composed of 4 RO membranes. The UV/$H_2O$$_2$ photo-oxidation process unit was used for the detergent degradation. The operation of the pilot system was carried out and verified in its capability through the continuous operation and concentration operation using the actual liquid waste from the power plant. The design criteria and data for industrialization were yielded. The efficiency of the UV/$H_2O$$_2$ photo-oxidation process and the optimum operational procedure were evaluated. The decontamination factors for radioactive cobalt and cesium were measured. This on-site test showed the experimental result in the DF$\geq$300 and volume reduction factor$\geq$100.


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