Effect of $TiO_2$ on Sintering Behavior of Mixed $UO_2$ and $U_3O_8$ Powder Compacts

  • Published : 1999.10.01


The effect of TiO$_2$ on the sintering behavior of mixed UO$_2$-U$_3$O$_{8}$ Powder compacts has been investigated using the U$_{3}$O$_{8}$ powder made tv oxidation of defective UO$_{2}$ pellets. Without TiO$_2$, UO$_2$ pellet density is inversely proportional to U$_3$O$_{8}$ content and is below 94 %TD in the U$_3$O$_{8}$ range above 15 wt%. Using more than 0.1 wt % TiO$_2$, however, the density decreases slightly with U$_3$O$_{8}$ content and thus is higher than about 94% TD in the whole range of U$_3$O$_{8}$ content. The grain sizes of UO$_2$ pellets with more than 0.1 wt % TiO$_2$are larger than about 30${\mu}{\textrm}{m}$. Therefore, the U$_3$O$_{8}$ Powder can be reused without any restriction on its amount in UO$_2$ pellet fabrication by sintering the mixed UO$_2$-U$_3$O$_{8}$ compact with the aid of TiO$_2$. Mechanisms for densification and grain growth are proposed and discussed, based on a dilatometry study and an examination of microstructure. microstructure.


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