Changes in Pattern of Tannin Isolated from Astringent Persimmon Fruits

떫은감에서 분리한 탄닌성분의 패턴 변화

  • 서지형 (경북과학대학 전통발효식품과) ;
  • 정용진 (경북과학대학 전통발효식품과) ;
  • 신승렬 (경산대학교 생명자원공학부) ;
  • 김주남 (영남이공대학 식품영양과) ;
  • 김광수 (영남대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1999.09.01


This study was investigated pattern changes of tannin isolated from astringent persimmon fruits. The contents of total phenolics and soluble tannins decreased as the maturing and softening of persimmon fruits proceeded. Green and mature persimmon tannins reacted with acetaldehyde. The more contents of tannin increased, the more reactions became. And the reaction of green Persimmon tannin was more active than mature persimmon tannins. But tannin from soft persimmon fruits did not react with acetaldehyde. Tannins were more polymerized during maturing and softening of fruits. So there was a little difference in chromatography of persimmon tannins. Also green and mature persimmon tannins obtained 4 bands respectively after thin layer chromatography analysis. But there was only 2 bands in soft persimmon tannin. As softening of persimmon fruits proceeded, most of tannins reacted with acetaldehyde, so coagulated. Also the component of soluble tannins was changed during softening of persimmon fruits.