Studies on the Anti-inflammatory Activity of Ginseng Total Saponin, Protopanaxadiol and Protopanaxatriol

인삼 Total Saponin, Protopanaxadiol 및 Protopanaxatriol의 소염작용에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.06.01


In an attempt to elucidate the anti-inflammatory action of ginseng total saponin, protopanaxadiol and protopanaxatriol, the anti-inflammatory activity of three compounds was investigated under various acute and chronic inflammatory models. The blood vessel permeability was slightly inhibited by total saponin and protopanaxatriol treatments. Granuloma formation induced by 2% carrageenan was inhibited by total saponin and protopanaxatriol. The cotton-pellet granuloma formation was significantly inhibited by intraperitoneal injection of total saponin. Total saponin and protopanaxadiol inhibited leukocyte emigration and protein exudation in CMC-induced pouch but protopanaxauiol increased leukocyte emigration. The swelling of rat hind paw induced by 1% carrageenan was significantly inhibited by total saponin, protopanaxadiol and protopanaxatriol both single and 2 weeks treatments. Total saponin, protopanaxadiol and protopanaxatriol decreased the anti-inflammatory activity in adrenalectomized rat. Our results suggest that total saponin, protopanaxadiol and protopanaxatriol have potent anti-inflammatory activity, this may be mediated in part through stimulation of adrenal glands.