Numerical Taxonomic Study on Five Species of Genus Apodemus in East Asia

동아시아산 붉은쥐속 5종의 형태형질의 수리분류학적 연구

  • Published : 1999.10.01


Specimens of five species of Apodemus(A. agrarius, A. chevrieri, A. draco, A. latronum, and A. peninsulae) from east Asia (Korea and China) were used for numerical taxonomic analyses with 31 external and cranial characters. Two groups and eight subgroups within them were recognized: [I; a large-size form; (A. agrarius chejuensis), (A. chevrieri), (A. draco orestes and A. latronum), and(A. peninsulae peninsulae and A. p. preator)], [II; a small-size form; (A. agrarius coreae), (A. agrarius manchuricus, A. a. ningpoensis, and A. a. pallidior), (A. draco draco), and (A. peninsulae sowerbyi)]. Conclusions based on morphometric analyses are such as followings: 1) Morphometric characters appeared not to be useful in order to distinguish two subgenera in Apodemus (Apodemus and Alsomys), 2) further analysis is necessary to determine whether or not A. draco and A. latronum are conspecific, and 3) A. a. chejuensis is in morphometric characters the largest form among five species of Apodemus studied. Moreover, it is confirmed: 1) A. agrarius, A. chevrieri, and A. peninsulae are distinct species, 2) A. draco and A. latronum are not conspecific with A. peninsulae. 3) Three forms of A. agrarius (large-size form, medium-size form, and small-size form) can be recognized as three subspecies [(A. a. chejuensis), (A. agrarius coreae), and (A, a, ningpoensis including A. a. manchuricus and A. a. pallidior)], 4)A. draco draco and A. draco orestes are distinct subspecies, 5) A. peninsulae peninsulae (including A. p. preator) and A. p. sowerbyi are distinct subspecies.


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