Selective Removal of Toxic Heavy Metals in Fe-Coagulants

철염 응집제 중 유독성 중금속의 선택적 제거

  • 박상원 (계명대학교 환경과학대학)
  • Published : 1999.06.01


Among various reactions which metal sulfides can undergo in the reducing environment, the lattice exchange reaction was examined in a attempt to selectively remove heavy metal ions contained in the Fe-Coagulants acid solution. We have examined Zeta potential along with pHs to investigate surface characteristics of ${FeS}_{(s)}$. As a result of this experiment, zero point charge(ZPC) of FeS is pH 7 and zeta potential which resulted from solid solution reaction between Pb(II) and ${FeS}_{(s)}$ is similar to that of ${PbS}_{(s)}$. Solubility characteristics of ${FeS}_{(s)}$ is appeared to that dissolved Fe(II) concentration increased in less than pH 4, and also increased with increasing heavy metal concentration. Various heavy metal ions(Pb(II), Cu(II), Zn(II)) contained in Fe-coagulants acid solution were removed selectively more than ninety-five percent in the rang of pH 2.5~10 by ${FeS}_{(s)}$. From the above experiments, therefore, We could know that the products of reaction between heavy metal ions and $FeS_{(S)}$ are mental sulfide such as $PbS_{(S)}$, $CuS_{(S)}$ and $ZnS_{(S)}$.


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