A comparative study on efficiency in the sulfate -added anaerobic landfill site and the semi-aerobic landfill site for the inhibition of methane genration from a landfill site

매립지의 메탄 발생억제를 위한 황산염 첨가형매립지 및 준호기성 매립지의 효율 비교에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1999.06.01


This study aims to observe the inhibition of methane generation, the decomposition of organic matter, and the trend of outflowing leachate, using the simulated column of the anaerobic sanitary landfill structure of sulfate addition type which is made by adding sulfate to a current anaerobic landfill structure, and the simulated column of semi-aerobic landfill structure in the laboratory which is used in the country like Japan in order to inhibit methane from a landfill site among the gases caused by a global warming these days, and at the same time to promote the decomposition of organic matter, the index of stabilization of landfill site. As a result of this study, it is thought that the ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the column of semi-aerobic landfill structure gradually represents a weak aerobic condition as time goes by, and that the inside of landfill site is likely to by in progress into anaerobic condition, unless air effectively comes into a semi-aerobic landfill structure in reality as time goes by. In addition, it can be seen that the decomposition of organic matter is promoted according to sulfate reduction in case of $R_1$, a sulfate-added anaerobic sanitary landfill structure, and that the stable decomposition of organic matter in $R_1$ makes a faster progess than $R_2$. Moreover it can be estimated that $R_1$, a sulfate-added anaerobic sanitary landfill structure has an inhibition efficiency of 55% or so, compared with $R_2$, a semi-aerobic landfill structure, in the efficiency of inhibiting methane.


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