Social Networks and Lonelinss among the male and female undergraduate students.

남녀 대학생의 사회적 관계망과 고독감

  • Published : 1999.09.01


This study analyzes the relationships between social networks and loneliness. Subjects of this study are male and female undergraduate students residing in Soul and Jeonju city Questionaires were and the obtained results were analyzed through SPSS PC+ The results are as follows 1) The size of general social networks doesnt's show difference between male and female students but at the of intimate social networks female students' one is bigger than male students' And female students' contact frequency via telephone is higher than male students' but the direct contact frequency did not show the difference: 2) The bigger the size of social networks is and the higher the contack frequency is the more the mount of social supports female students get. And the bigger the size of social networks is the more the amount of social support male students get. But among male students there are no relationships between the contact frequency and the amount of social supports 3) The size and co tact frequency of social networks is negatively related to loneliness among female and male students 4) The amount of social supports explaines the degree of loneliness at 23% among female students and 18% among male students.



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