Non-Liner Analysis of Shear Beam Model using Mode Superposition

모드중첩법을 이용한 전단보 모델의 비선형 해석

  • Published : 1999.06.01


To analyze the dynamic behavior of structure, direct integration and mode superposition may be utilized in time domain analysis. As finite number of frequencies can give relatively exact solutions, mode superposition is preferable in analyzing structural behavior. In non-linear analysis, however, mode superposition is seldom used since time-varying element stiffness changes stiffness matrix, and the change of stiffness matrix leads to the change of essential constants - natural frequencies and mode shapes. In spite of these difficulties, there are some attempts to adopt mode superposition because of low cost compared to direct integration, but the result is not satisfactory. In this paper, a method using mode superposition in non-linear analysis is presented by separating local element stiffness from global stiffness matrix with the difference between linear and non-linear restoring forces to the external force vectors included. Moreover, the hysteresis model changing with the relative deformation in each floor makes it possible to analyze non-linear behavior of structure. The proposed algorithm is applied to shear beam model and the maximum displacement is compared with the result using direct integration method.


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