Q Estimates Using the Coda Waves in the Kyeongsang Basin

Coda 파를 이용한 경상분지에서의 Q값 추정

  • 이기화
  • Published : 1999.03.01


In this study, coda Q has been determined by the single scattering model in the Kyeongsang Basin region using the decay of the amplitudes of coda waves on bandpass-filtered seismograms of local microearthquakes in the frequency range 1.5~18 Hz. Reported frequency dependence of Q is of the form $Q_C=Q_O ^n$$(83.9{ll}Q_0{ll}155.9,;0.76{ll}n{ll}1.05$. Considering a model incorporating both scattering and intrinsic attenuation, and assuming that the attenuation is entirely due to the scattering loss, the minimum mean free paths are about 51~56 km and the coefficients of inelastic attenuation(${\gamma}$) are between 0.0093 and 0.0098 were found. Earthquake-station paths pass through the fault zone show high attenuation and strong frequency dependency compared to other ones.


Coda Q;single scattering model;scattering attenuation;intrinsic attenuation;minimum mean free path;coefficient of anelastic attenuation


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