Environment-Related Impacts on the Use of Wood and Wood-Based Materials

목재 및 목질재료 이용에 관한 환경적 연관효과

  • Published : 1999.06.01


The greenhouse effect becomes the most serious environmental problem due to excessive emission of carbon dioxide. This effect is aggravated with the deforestation, particularly cleaning of tropical forest for agricultural use. As trees sequester carbon dioxide from atmosphere, forest and forest products play an important role in the use and reduction of carbon dioxide. Wood and wood products require far less energy than the alternatives such as steel, aluminium and concrete for production. Considering high probability of increasing costs in the use of fossil fuel, the relatively low energy requirement for wood processing to very important. Also wood and wood products perform as a long-term storage of carbon. Wood is therefore an environmentally desirable resource. Recently, many alternatives have been introduced for industrial use. In selecting resources, many aspects should be taken into consideration. Wood and wood products have less harmful effects on the environment than the alternatives. We should utilize wood and wood products more efficiently, which should be provided based on the sustainable forest management.