X-Ray Diffraction Study on the Cellulose Structures in Wood Cell Wall

X선 회절법을 이용한 목재세포벽중의 셀룰로오스의 구조해석

  • 김남훈 (강원대학교 산림과학대학 임산공학과) ;
  • 이선호 (용인 송담대학)
  • Published : 1999.09.01


Lignin in wood cell walls influeced the transformation of the cellulose crystal structure during mercerization. Samples of sound and decayed woods by white rot fungus of Quercus mongolica were treated with 20% aquous NaOH solution, followed by washing and drying, and delignified. The effect of delignification on cellulose structure was investigated by a series of an X-ray diffraction analysis and ultraviolet(UV) microscopy. Delignification of alkali-treated woods did not influence their cellulose crystal structures. It may be concluded that lignin prevents the swelling of wood cellulose during mercerization and restrain the intermingling of cellulose chains.