A New Record of Tarsonemid Mite, Stenotarsonemus spinki (Acari, Tarsonemidae) and Its Damage on Rice in Korea

한국 미기록 벼먼지응애, Steneotarsonemus spinki와 그 피해

  • 조명래 (원예연구소 원예환경과) ;
  • 김덕수 (작물시험장 수도재배과, 작물환경과) ;
  • 임대준 (작물시험장 수도재배과, 작물환경과) ;
  • 나승용 (원예연구소 원예환경과) ;
  • 임명순 (원예연구소 원예환경과)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


A tarsonemid mite. Stet~rotc~r.sot~rrrs~puin.sk i Smiley 1967. is an important rice pest in major rice producing countries of Thailand. Philippine. China, and Taiwan. S. spinki was found first time in Korea from rice grown in environment controlled greenhouse. Rice fed by the mite showed damage symptoms of deformed panicles and inflorescence, lesions on the inner surface of leaf sheath, and browning of rice hulls. Females of S. .spi~lkwi as 263.0 pni (246.5-284.6f 12.2) in body length and 92.4 pm (79.5- 104.9 t 7.6) in body width. Body was elongate and broadest in region of hysterosoma. Body color was pale brown. Legs were robust except for the legs IV which were typical tarsonemid female legs terminating in a whiplike seta two times the length of the leg. Male of S. spir~kiw as 196.5 pm ( 176.5-222.8 + 15.8) in body length and 109.3 ym (98.6- 1 17.7 + 6.4) in body width. Anterior ends of apodemes 111 were extended further than apodemes IV. Femur IV had large inner median lateral flange. and inner anterior and outer median setae were short about equal length. Tarsal claw was stout and curved ventrally.