Morphological Characteristics and Life cycle of Udea ferrugalis (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) Attacking Angelica utitis

신선초를 가해하는 주홍날개들명나방(Udea ferrugalis)의 형태적 특징 및 생활사

  • Published : 1999.08.01


Morphological characteristics and life cycle of Udea ferrugalis (Hubner) attacking Angelica utilis were studied in 1995 and 1996. Egg of U. ferrugalis was oval-shaped with light-gray. Larva was milk white or light yellow color with 1.50-14.6 mm body length, depending on their developmental stages from 1st to 5th instar. Pupa were deep-brown with 8.2-9.7 mm length. Adults were brown color and body lengths were 10.1 mm and 8.3 mm and wing expanse lengths were 18.5 mm and 16.6mm with female and male, respectively. At 20$^{\circ}$C, each developmently periods was 5.81, 19.0, 3.46 and 1 l.0days with egg, larvae, pre-pupae, and pupae, respectively. Also adult longevitys were 10.13 for female and 9.8 days for male. Average number of egg were 238.5 and 248.8 at 20$^{\circ}$C and 30$^{\circ}$C, respectively. A total of 12 species host plants were identified in the outdoor observation in Chungbuk province.