A Study on the Growth and Environmental Development for the Protection-nourishment of Fisheries Resources 2. Marine Litter on the Sea-bed of Chinhae Bay

어자원 보호육성을 위한 생육환경 개선에 관한 연구 II -진해만의 해저 폐기물 실태-

  • Published : 1999.11.01


This study deals with litter which has sunk and accumulated on the sea-bed of the Chinhae Bay obtained by using a beam trawler. The litter collected through the duration of survey (1997~1998) were distributed from 8.76~80.63 items/ha and 3.51~108.39 kg/ha, respectively, in quantities and weights. Especially bulky wastes(shell, tires, motorcycle and refrigerator) were composed of 76% of them, next metal and glasses, 29.5%. The seasonal variability of litters in the bay is large, as 62% in April, next August, 23%, in total weights.These discarded substances have the widespread distribution but varied in each sampled area. Therefore they exist in a significant pollutants, as threatening the fishing activities and near marine environment, and also potential damage to marine resources.



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