use of Cable Functions by Pode's Analysis in a Towing Cable or a Buoy Cable

끌줄 및 부이줄에 있어서 Pode 해석에 의한 줄 함수의 이용

  • 박해훈 (서해수산연구소 자원환경과)
  • Published : 1999.11.01


Tabulated results by Pode are used for computing the cable shape and cable tension in static equilibrium. This paper describes a technique using the integral form by Pode to give a simplified calculation of the cable functions at any desired value because in most practical cased the points of interest on the cable are not the points of reference on which the tables are based. Solving the nondimentional tension, $\tau$, defined by Pode in closed form reduces the integral in cable functions to a single integral. The technique using the integral form enables us to calculate the cable functionsin at any critical angle and at any point in case of a towing cable or certain cable-buoy systems.



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