A Study on the Design of the Stern Stow Net

선미식 안강망 어구의 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.11.01


Because stow net being used in now is doing throwing net and hauling net through a ship's side, the work is very complicated and the fishing boat needs many seamen and it could cause a loss of lives and ship in stormy weather. We are now using small mesh size 36~500mm and it even catches young fish, so we call it the fishing gear of resource reduction type.Therefore we must make manpower reduction in automatic operation, safe operation of throwing net and hauling net in the stern and the stern-typed stow net of resource management using large mesh. And we performed three-typed model tests to examine the fishing gear. The obtained results are as follows;1. The fishing gear being used in the ship's side type stow net has inappropriate standard and arrangement of the net, resistance increase of the fishing gear and frequent breakdown of the net.2. To supplement the fault of A-typed stow net, we schemed fishing gear developed as both B-type(12-seamed net) and C-types(8-seamed net) of the stern-typed stow net. 3. In model tests, C-typed model net(mesh size 40~1,600mm) was proved good fishing gear because the resistance in accordance with the flowing speed was comparatively small and it's mouth area was broad. 4. A-typed stow net had the spreading device attached to side panel of the net, but the stern-typed stow net had the spreading device consisted of 4 lines far behind about 6m from side panel of the net mouth. In the flowing speed 2knot, the spreading condition of fishing gear was proved batter than the former.



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