A Study on the Leading Effect of Fish Attracting Lamps on Fish Schools into a Set-net -3. The Practical Experiment on the Leading of Fish Schools by the Attracting Lamps-

집어등에 의한 정치망에의 어군유도에 관한 연구 3. 유도등에 의한 어군유도의 실용화 시험

  • 김석종 (제주대학교 해양과학대학)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


For the purpose of leading horse mackerel Trachurus japonicus schools, mackerel Scomber japonicus schools and arrow squid Todarodes pacificus schools, which migrate to the Cheju coast and are caught by the set-net, to the set-net by attracting lamps, we made five attracting lamps and took a practical experiment in the Gwiduk and Dongbuk set-net fishing ground. In the set-net with two bag-nets, we compared the amount of catch of both bag-nets by the means of switching on and off the each attracting lamps in order, switching off the attracting lamps in order which had been switched on and moving an attracting lamp.In the bag-net with an attracting lamp, horse mackerel, mackerel and arrow squid were caught the most, on the other hand, yellow tail Seriola quinqueradiata, striped mullet Mugil cephalus were caught in large quantities in the bag-net without attracting lamp. File fish Stephanolepis cirrhifer, Dusky spinefoot Siganus fuscescens were caught evenly in both bag-nets regardless of an attracting lamp.This result indicates that the amount of horse mackerel, mackerel, arrow squid can be increased by the use of attracting lamps in the set-net fishing method.



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