The Effect of High Pressure Chamber's Shape on the Characteristics of Annular Jet Pump

고압실 형상에 따른 환형 제트펌프의 특성

  • 권오붕 (부경대학교)
  • Published : 1999.11.01


Experimental studies on the characteristics of annular jet pump were carried out in this paper. Jet pump can be used widely for the transportation of solid materials, farm produce and fishes. The effects of high pressure chamber on the characteristics of annular jet pump were sought in this paper. Experiments were done for three shapes of high pressure chamber, and for several lengths of the high pressure chamber. Three types of the high pressure chamber's entrances($90^{\circ}$ single inflow, $45^{\circ}$single inflow, and $45^{\circ}$ double inflow) were tested. Water was used for both the primary fluid and secondary fluid. The results obtained in this study are as follows; $45^{\circ}$double inflow type is the most effective among the tested three types of the high pressure chamber's entrances. The efficiency of jet pump with 400mm of high pressure chamber length is the highest among the chamber lengths tested in this study, thus indicating appropriate chamber length is required to get an efficient.



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