Property of fish school and vertical temperature profile of Tuna Purse Seine in the Western Pacific Ocean

서부태평양해역에서의 다랑어 선망어업의 어군성상과 연직수온

  • 김형석
  • Published : 1999.08.01


It was investigated that the condition of fishing ground gave what kind of effect school type in relation to the property for the target school after the vertical temperature profile and school type were observed when tuna purse seiner for tuna purse seine was operated in the western pacific Ocean around the equator between December 12, 1993 and January 26, 1994. The results are as follows;1. This study divided fish schools associated with drift objects, a one targeted-operation, and the pelagic migrating fish schools that are another one for the property. The total of 23 operations were complected including 6 that targeted fish schools associated with drift objects and 17 that targeted pelagic migrating fish schools. It was known that the main operation was conducted on pelagic migrating fish school.2. Average and standard deviation of the depth of the surface mixing layer was 86.0m and 13.8m for fish schools associated with drift objects. 61.6m and 13.0m for pelagic migrating fish schools, respectively. The average depth of the surface mixing layer of the pelagic migrating fish schools was lower when compared to the fish schools associated with drift objects however the concentration of standard deviation was higher than those fish schools associated with drifted objects. Accordingly, it was assumed that the effect of vertical temperature profile for pelagic migrating fish school was higher than the fish schools associated with drift objects.



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