Texture and Retrogradation Characteristics of Injeulmi Made by Different Varieties of Waxy Rice

품종을 달리하여 제조한 인절미의 텍스쳐 및 노화도 특성

  • Published : 1999.08.01


The textural properties and retrogradation of injeulmi(Korean traditional waxy rice cake) made from various waxy cultivars were examined to compare the varietal difference. Injeulmi made from Shinsun chalbyeo and Whasunchalbyeo were exhibited relatively soft texture, while Taichung Sen Glu I and Yuk donongrimna were shown high adhesivness. Intermediate or long grain rice such as Yukdonongrimna, Hangangchalbyeo and Taichung Sen Glu I had a tendency to be rapidly retrogradatated as compared with short grain rice, Shinsunchalbyeo and Whasunchalbyeo. Amylogram characteristics of these intermediate or long grain rice cultivars were shown high value in consistency and low value in setback. Studies per formed by various cookery procedure demonstrated that injeulmi made from cooked waxy rice was softer and delaying retrogradation than made from waxy rice flour.



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