A Study n Infant Feeding Practices in Seogypo Area and South Chejukun Area

서귀포시 지역과 남제주군 지역 여성의 영아영양법에 관한 실태조사

  • Published : 1999.10.01


This study was conducted to survey the feeding methods in Seogypo city and south Chejukun area. A random sample for this study a total of 355 mothers having babies under the age of 3 were surveyed. were boys. 45.5% were girls. infants' colostrum intakes in Seogypo sith and south Chejukun area were 69.9% and 63.1% respectability. Nother's education level affected colostrum intakes significantly. Baby's sex birth weight and mother's job affected the infants' feeding methods. The case of girl normal birth weight and mother's employment showed high percentage of bottle feeding. Bottle feeding was higher in Seogypo small city than in south Chejugun the country. Most of reasons for bottle feeding or mixed feeding was the lack of breast milk. The highest percentage of recommenders for breast feeding were baby's mother in Seogypo city area and were baby's grandmother in south Chejugun area. In Seogypo city area mother's education level did not affect the infant's feeding methods but in south Chjukun area mother's education level affected significantly.