Regulation of the Hepatic Antioxidative System by Astaxanthin in the Rats

  • Kang, Ji-One ;
  • Kim, Sung-Jin ;
  • Kim, Harriet
  • Published : 1999.12.01


Astaxanthin is one of many carotenoids present in marine animals, vegetables and fruits. Since carotenoids are known to exert antioxidant actions, we explored to determine if astaxnathin could have such regulatory actions in normal-and $CCl_4$-treated rat liver. Astaxanthin treatment caused a slight increase in $\alpha$-tocopherol levels in the control rat liver. Glucose-6-phosphatase activity was significantly increased by astaxanthin in a dose-dependent manner and its activity decreased in response to $CCl_4$treatment was slightly inhibited by astaxanthin. These results suggest that astaxanthin could protect liver damages induced by $CCl_4$via inhibiting lipid peroxidation and it may have a potential to activate the anti-oxidant system of normal liver by stimulating $\alpha$-tocopherol production.