Analysis of Sperm Chemoattractant in Follicular Fluid

난포액내 정자유인물질의 분석

  • Published : 1999.04.01


Among proteins separated from methanol extract of follicular fluid with superose column, the components inducing sperm swim-up separation through sucrose layer were analysed with superose column in Smart system and SDS-PAGE. And the results obtained were as follows; The fractions of retention volume (RV) 0.83ml and RV 1.36ml separated with superose column should stimulate sperm migration and movement. However, RV 0.83 fraction was consisted of complex materials containing RV 1.36 component. RV 1.36 fraction contained a BSA analogue of 67 kilodaltons (Kd) and showed identical peak pattern with BSA fraction V. In conclusion, the protein of 67 Kd in follicular fluid should stimulate sperm migration and movement.