Development of an Algorithm for Searching Optimal Temperature Setpoint for Lettuce in Greenhouse Using Crop Growth Model

작물생장모델을 이용한 상추의 온실 최적설정온도 탐색 알고리즘의 개발

  • 류관희 (서울대학교 생물자원공학부 농업기계전공 정회원) ;
  • 김기영 (서울대학교 생물자원공학부 농업기계전공 정회원) ;
  • 김희구 (서울대학교 생물자원공학부 농업기계전공 정회원) ;
  • 채희연 (서울대학교 생물자원공학부 농업기계전공 정회원)
  • Published : 1999.10.01


This study was conducted to develop a searching algorithm for optimal daily temperature setpoint greenhouse. An algorithm using crop growth and energy models was developed to determine optimum crop growth environment. The results of this study were as follows: 1. Mathematical models for crop growth and energy consumption were derived to define optimal daily temperature setpoint. 2. Optimum temperature setpoint, which could maximize performance criterion, was determined by using Pontryagin maximum principle. 3. Dynamic control of daily temperature using the developed algorithm showed higher performance criterion than static control with fixed temperature setpoint. Performance criteria for dynamic control models were with simulated periodic weather data and with real weather data, increased by 48% and 60%, respectively.