Oil Cooler Design Automation on the Cooling of Machine Tool Cutting Oil

공작기계 절삭유 냉각용 오일쿨러 설계 자동화

  • 권혁홍 (대진대학교 기계설계공학과, 생산기술연구소)
  • Published : 1999.02.01


The automatic design of shell & tube type oil cooler can be used in real industrial environments. Since the automatic design system is intended to be used in small companies, it is designed to be operated well under environments of CAD package in the personal computer. It has adopted GUI in design system, and has employed DCl language. Design parameters to be considered in the design stage of shell and tube type oil cooler are type of oil cooler, outer diameter, thickness, length of tube, tube arrangement, tube pitch, flow rate, inlet and outlet temperature, physical properties, premissive pressure loss on both sides, type of baffle plate, baffle plate cutting ratio, clearance between baffle plate outer diameter and shell inner diameter and clearance between baffle plate holes. As a result, the automatic design system of shell & tube type oil cooler is constructed by the environment of CAD software using LISP. We have built database of design data for various kinds of shell & tube type oil coolers. The automatic design system have been assessed and compared with existing specification of design. Good agreement with Handbook of heat exchanger and design dta of real industrial environments has been found.


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