Quality Poultry Meat Production

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  • Published : 1999.03.01


Concerns about meat quality, including chicken meat, for the human diet has led to many attempts to manipulate the carcass fat and increase the eating quality. For actual eating quality, the birds must be grown and finished in a manner that results in meat that are tender, succulent and of good flavor, as well as being free from any foreign taint, flavor or safety hazard. Tenderization treatment with high voltage(820V) electrical stimulation and prechill muscle tensioning would improve the tenderness of chicken meat. Proper programs for the withdrawal of feed and water require a team approach for maximizing yield of meat and minimizing carcass contamination. Also effding of supplemental levels of-tocopherol to poultry with vegetable or fish oils increases of desirable polyunsaturated fatty acid(PUFA) content and stablizes the meat against rancidity and fish off-flavors. The nutritional effects of varying dietary ingredients on broiler carcass fat content are also important. Increasing the levels of energy in the ration increases the carcass fat content, while increasing the proteing levels decreases carcass fat content. Supplement-tation of poultry diets with amino acids such as methionine, lysine, glycine and tryptophan as well as amino acid such as well as amino acid mixtures can reduce body fat deposition. Normal stress leads to chicken muscular damage resulting in reduced meat quality, but this can be controlled by preslaughter management practices. Feed manufactures can utilize ntilize nutrient modulation to control pale soft exudative(PSE)syndrome. Finally, the success in poultry meat production depends on the consistent achievement of carefully selected levels of quality. Quality assurance should be the wider function of incorporating quality into the production system and the combination of motivating quality into actions and operations.


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