Well-Defined series and parallel D-spectra for preparation for linear time-varying systems

선형 시변 시스템에 대한 잘 정의된 (well-defined) 직렬 및 병렬 D-스펙트럼

  • Zhu, j.jim (Dept. Elec. and Comp. Eng., L.S.U.) ;
  • Lee, Ho-Cheol (Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Busan National University) ;
  • Choe, Jae-Won (Mechanical Technology Research Center, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Busan National University)
  • Published : 1999.07.01


The nth-order, scalar, linear time-varying (LTV) systems can be dealt with operators on a differential ring. Using this differential algebraic structure and a classical result on differential operator factorizaitons developed by Floquet, a novel eigenstructure(eigenvalues, eigenvectors) concepts for linear time0varying systems are proposed. In this paper, Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of well-defined(free of finite-time singularities) SD- and PD- spectra for SPDOs with complex- and real-valued coefficients are also presented. Three numerical examples are presented to illustrate the proposed concepts.


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