Analysis of Static Characteristics of PMLSM Using Space Harmonic Analysis Considering Slot Structure

공간고조파법을 이용한 영구자석 선형 동기전동기의 슬롯을 고려한 정특성 해석

  • Published : 1999.04.01


This paper presents the characteristic analysis method of PMLSM based on the Space Harmonic Analysis method considering the effect of stator slots. The magnetic field for unslotted primary can be easily calculated by the conventional space harmonic analysis method and the resultant magnetic field including slot effect is obtained using the concept of the virtual Equivalent Magnetizing Current(EMC) on primary core. And the influence of space harmonics in airgap flux density and static thrust due to slots is evaluated. In this paper, the results of the analytical method are compared with not only the experimental ones but ones of FEM to verify the validity of the proposed method.


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