Trial Manufacture and Characteristics of a Multi-discharge Type ozonizer(I)

다중방전형 오존발생기의 試作 및 特性(I)

  • Published : 1999.07.01


Multi-discharge type ozonizer(MDO) using superposed silent discharge has been designed and manufactured. It consists of three electrodes( central electrode, internal electrode, and external electrode ) and double gaps( gap between central electrode and internal electrode, gap between internal electrode and external electrode ). Therefore, ozone is generated by superposing silent discharges generated between the gaps respectively. And the MDO consists of three types of superposed discharge ozonizers according to voltage appling method for each electrode ; A.C. high voltages are applied two of three electrodes with phase difference of 180[˚], the other electrode is a ground. This paper describes that discharge and ozone generation characteristics of MDO which comprising central electrode and internal electrode applied A.C. high voltages with phase difference of 180[˚] respectively, and the grounded external electrode. As a result, the maximum ozone concentration, generation, and yield can be obtained 10208[ppm], 6.4[g/h], and 280[g/kwh] respectively.



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