A Study on the measurement of Electron Energy Distribution Function in Ar plasma measured by the waveforms of Langmuir probe voltages

Langmuir 프로브 전압의 파형에 따른 아르곤 플라즈마의 전자에너지 분포함수 측정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.05.01


In this paper, we have obtained the Electron Energy Distribution Function(EEDF) in plasma by using two differentiators and investigated the EEDFs by sawtooth and triangle waveform voltages with the working pressures and the positions of single probe. It is found that as the working pressure is decreased, the EEDFs approach to theMaxwellian distribution independent of the waveforms of probe voltage. On the otherhand, as the position of probe is moved from the center of the plasma to its edge, the EEDF of sawtooth waveform probe voltage approaches to the Maxwellian distribution, but the EEDF of triangle waveform probe voltage deviates from the Maxwellian distribution.


Electron Energy Distribution Function(EEDF);Langmuir probe;Sawtooth and triangle waveform probe voltages.


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