The Analysis of Surface Degradation Mechanism on PRP(epoxy/glass fiber) by Corona Charging Properties

코로나 대전 특성을 이용한 FRP의 표면 열화메커니즘의 해석

  • Published : 1999.05.01


In order to analyse the degradation mechanism of polymer materials for outdoor condition, FRP laminate was exposed to high temperature and ultraviolet rays. Then, thedegradation process was evaluated by comparing contact angle, surface potential decay, and polarity effect respectively. Especially, the analysis of surface degradation phenomena by corona charging method showed the exact correlation with the result of chemical properties. Therefore we can confirm that the application of corona charging method on the identification of degradation process is very useful. If this method is usedin degradation studies on the polymer surface, it will be more effective on the surface analysis of polymer insulators. With corona charging method and chemical spectrum analysis, it was possible concretely to define degradation process on the polymer surface exposed at the situation of different environmental conditions.


FRT;polarity effect;Corona charging;Surface potential decay;Degradation mechanism


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