Influences of Plasma Treatment on the Electrical Characteristics of rf-magnefrom sputtered $BaTa_2O_6$ Thin Films

플라즈마 표면 처리가 $BaTa_2O_6$박막의 전기적 특성에 미치는 효과에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.05.01


Direct current(d.c.)leakage current voltage characteristics of radio-frequencymagnetron sputtered BaTa\sub 2\O\sub 6\ film capacitors with aluminum(A1) top and indium tin oxide (ITO) bottom electrodes have been investigatedas a function of applied field and temperature. In order to study surfacetreatment effect on the electrical characteristics of as-deposited film weperformed exposure of oxygen plasma on $BaTa_2O_6$ surface. d. c.current-voltage (I-V), bipolar pulse charge-voltage (Q-V), d. c. current-time (I-t) andcapacitance-frequency (C-f) analysis were performed on films. All ofthe films exhibita low leakage current, a high breakdown field strength (3MV/cm-4.5MV/cm), and high dielectric constant (20-30). From the temperature dependence of leakage current,we can conclude that the dominant conduction mechanism is ascribed toSchottky emission at high electric field (>1MV/cm) and hopping conduction at lowelectric field (<1MV/cm). According to our results, the oxide plasma surfacetreatmenton as-deposited $BaTa_2O_6$ resulted in lowering interfacebarrier height and thus, leakage current when a negative voltage applied to the A1 electrode. This can be explained by reduction of surface contamination via etching surface and filling defects such as oxygen vacancies.


$BaTa_2O_6$ thin films;ACTFELD;Oxygen Plasma treatment;High dielectric donstant


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