Calcu;ation of Groundwater Inflow Rates with respect to the Subusection of Tunnel: Application of the Current Meter

터널내 구간별 지하수 유입량 산정방법 : 유속계의 이용

  • Published : 1999.12.01


Estimation of inflow rates into subsection of a tunnel is establishing the proposed grouting part, measuring the degree of grouting, and settling the dispute over deplrtion of groundwater which may be resulted from tunneling. A current meter was used to calculate inflow rates of groundwater to each subsection of the tunnel. The study area is composed of section 1 and 2 of Imha-Youngchun waterway trnnel which has 32.976km length, with each section having 3,745m and 4,079m, respectively. The depth from groung surface to tunnel ranges from 122.45m to 358.3m. Total inflow rates of groundwater into each section measured three times by the current meter, together with bottle and eye measurement, were compared with groundwater inflow rates of each section measured by datalogger. The calcuated inflow rates of the sections by bottle and eye measurement were 8.8%∼54.7% of inflow rate (averaging 27,4%), whwewas those by the current meter were 76.9%∼110.6%(averaging 92.9%). Therfore, the current meter is regarded as useful method to calculate groundwater inflow rates into subsections of a tunnel.



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